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Adoption Stories ~ Testamonials from customers

Hi Pam,

You will see one of these photos shows how the stork delivered Baby Jewel under the Christmas Tree. Skyye has attached herself to Jewel, changing clothes, taking her with us often (where people will always think she is a real baby, just as yout said they would), and making sure everyone she knows has met her Baby Sister Jewel. I am surprised by how she truly believes her to be her sister, with Baby Jewel being a blessing for a little girl that has no other brothers ans sisters, and doubtful ever will.

Skyye has proven to be a very caring and thoughtful big sister, and is now teaching Jewel how to walk. She did ask me one day "why does she sleep so much?", we explained that is what babies do, they need their rest to grow. On another occasion she started a sentence by saying "When I am six, and my baby sister is four....."

Thank you so much.


When Deanna picked up Shyann just before Christmas she was very pleased and amazed. She delievered the baby to her Grandma who lives in Lake Havasu....Deanna said her Grandma "LOVED HER" and they had never seen a baby doll so "Real".

Deanna 2010

My Aunt & Uncle came for a visit and fell in LOVE! Tina Leah was sitting in the high chair and they could not believe she was a doll. Although they had a hard time choosing from all the babies....Tina was "perfect".

Thank you Aunt Lucy & Uncle Val...there are always more babies here at The Nest. Hope to see you again really soon..

Lucy Timothy

Hi Pam,

Lochlyn is beyond beautiful!!! She is so perfect! I love her so much. Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts and her birth certificate and folder are so lovely and I love the bottle. I could go on and on. Thank you again!!!!I am so proud of her she is so lovely!!! You are one talented lady. Her hair is the most beautiful hair I have ever seen on a reborn. EEEEKK!!! I just love her to bits!!!!

You are the best!

Amy B

Feedback posted by Shannon H (reborn artist at Night Owl Nursery) on R.E.A.L. forum after she received her baby from me:

Hi guys, last year I fell in love with and bought for myself an Azlin kit by Nikki Britt. She sat in my cabinet for months as I tried to work up the courage to reborn her, I normally do not spend so much on a kit, especially one I plan to keep! Most of my kits are either bought thru BB, on clearance or from someone on the forum. Then while surfing the web and checking out other peoples websites I found Pam's site and fell in love with her WIP Azlin. So, contacted Pam and she agreed to take my blank kit plus payment for her. So,I bought Pam's WIP Azlin by Nikki Britt. Finally, after a long layaway (bless you, Pam) my baby is home!!! This is the second one of Pam's babies that I have seen in person and they are exquisite!!!! Her box presentation is so super asthetically pleasing and she even made me a beautiful little bunny hat, as well!

Shannon Hardin (Night Owl Nursery)

I finally have my sweet baby!!!!!!!! Oh, My, God, she is so beautiful... You did a wonderful job on her!! The cards and everything else, was so nice to receive..... I just love her. She is so tiny and precious!! I love her hair also........

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!!!! I in love with this sweet baby of mine!!

She is perfect!!!!! You did a wonderful job! Her weight is also perfect.... I just love her~

Kathy S.

Pam: thank you so much for Michael, He is very handsome and looks so much like my own son. You do wonderful work.

Looking forward for more...

Thanks again

Mary L.