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Creation of a Reborn


Each baby begins as a vinyl mold/sculpt kit which I purchase from different websites/sculptors. Some are Limited Editions (LE) and can tend to be a bit more expensive.

Each baby is cleansed with alcohol followed by a warm sudsy bath to remove all the oils/chemical residues and are then allowed to air dry for at least 24 hours. I will open the nostrils to allow the baby to "breathe" upon request for custom orders (not available on already finished dolls unless stated). A tongue or fairy ears might be molded at this time.


The shading, blushing and mottling of the skin's complexion is achieved through many layers of painting. The paint is baked at least every 1-3 layers to "set" the paint so they do not smudge or run together.

**First the vinyl must be neutralized to remove the grey, orange, red or pink tones in the vinyl.

**Then many flesh tone layers are applied and baked to obtain a healthy, normal baby skin tone.

** Available skintones: Newborn, Strawberries & Cream (S&C), Peaches & Cream (P&C), Asian/Oriental, African American (AA) and Bi-racial which can be from a golden brown to very dark brown skin tone.

**The base skin tone layers are followed by several mottling and blushing layers. Subtle veins, capillaries, moles and possibly milk bumps are added during the painting process to add realism. 

**The lips and nails are painted in layers to provide depth and to achieve a real life appearance; as well as the creases, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

**Each baby is unique and may have "Stork Bites", I place intentional birth marks to provide realism. The final steps in the painting process include painting the eyebrows, white nail tips and skin texture.

Each STORK'S LANDING REBORN BABY has an "SLR" birthmark on the backof their head (which is covered by rooted hair) - this is my signature and how you can be assured your baby is an authentic STORK'S LANDING REBORN NURSERY baby.


Occasionally I will choose to leave a baby bald, but most of my babies will have a nice head full of fine baby hair. I use only premium mohair, primarily by DELTA DAWN or A PLUS MOHAIR. I choose to root the hair to provide realism, occasionally I paint a base layer of hair to add depth. Hand painted hair can be done if requested for a custom baby.

When the painting process is complete, the process of rooting each hair individually begins. I use premium grade mohair, I have tried many and have found that only high quality mohair provides the realism and perfection I strive to achieve. This does add extra cost to each baby...but believe me, it is well worth it. 

Each hair is individually "micro rooted" using a small gauge single forked felting needle (this process is very time consuming and takes 30+ hours). Good rooting cannot be rushed. If the vinyl is stiff it is very hard to root; I place a warm rice sock in the baby's head while rooting to soften the vinyl and this will help close the vinyl "pores" when the process is done. The hair is then glued from inside the head which will allow gentle styling using a gentle spray on detangler (such a Johnson's or Silken Child) and warm water.

Eyebrows and eyelashes can be hand rooted; I typically paint the eyebrows; however, I can hand root them upon request. I then either hand root the eyelashes with a shade slightly darker than the hair - or use manufactured eyelashes in blonde, Light/Medium/Dark Brown or Black.

Mohair choices range in several shades of Blonde, Brown and Black. I also have rich medium copper, auburn and strawberry blonde shades.

Final Touches:

The bodies are premium doe suede or flannel with special connectors called "joints" to allow the limbs to rotate and pose. Occasionally the sculpt will come with a body that has been specifically designed for that baby and may be signed by the sculptor as part of a very Limited Edition. Belly plates are available for most sculpts, inquire if you are interested in this option.

Each body part is weighted with super fine glass beads and lightly stuffed with a silky, fluffy fiberfill to provide weight and slight firmness to each body part. A small bag of the glass beads is placed in the tushie and in the upper body to add weight and to provide the floppy head (such as a newborn would have). Therefore, when holding your baby you must support her/his head and limbs as you would any newborn. My babies can ship worldwide as they contain no sand.

If the nostrils are opened, felt is applied behind the nostrils. Each body part is secured using plastic ties. If desired, strong magnets may also be glued into the head for placement of hair bows or pacifiers. A baby scent wafer can be applied into the body if desired. (Heart beat boxes are also available to place in a pocket of the body if desired these can be added to custom babies).

Belly Plates & Torsos:

There are several new types of VINYL sculpts that are available. They range from the typical baby with a cloth body plus an additional belly plate, Front and Back Torso Plates, Torso over a cloth body and full body torso with jointed limbs and head. There are also male, female and generic options.

I have samples of each type available and can send you pictures. Not all body types are available for the different sculpts. Over time as I take pictures of new babies I will add the different body types into the 


Please e-mail me if you have questions or would like me to e-mail you pictures of a particular body type. [email protected]

I made a video several years ago of the reborning process of creating a "Suze" sculpt by Adrie Stoete. I have learned a lot since that time and have greatly improved my realism ... the process is still basically the same. Here is the link to the Reborning Suze Stoete video . The babies below are samples of two types of full body torso.